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It’s difficult to push yourself to be creative without a community behind you. Every Thursday, Jill Fredenburg and Taylor Vinson, two poets in the DC area, interview guests who make time for writing. The Poetry Prompt Podcast is for the would-be, has-been, always-dreamed, pent-up poets out there looking for prompts, friendships, and that little push to make.

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Jill Fredenburg is a multimedia artist from Memphis, Tennessee. She’s been writing poetry and teaching creative practices within youth organizations for 6 years. She also produces The Poetry Prompt Podcast and is a graduate student in the Communication, Culture, and Technology program at Georgetown University.



Taylor Vinson is a poet from St. Louis, Missouri. She is the author of Poetry and Photography book “Letters to God.”, founder of Untamed Tongues poetry collective on the Missouri State University Campus, and is also a current grad student in Communication, Culture, and Technology at Georgetown University.